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Loyalty Points

Earning loyalty points on a gaming site is just as important as collecting bonuses. The perks that one can reap from being on a site’s loyalty scheme is tremendous and that is one aspect that online bingo players are not too aware of these days. Loyalty points are very easy to procure and different sites have their own schemes in which they award loyalty points to their players. Most sites award points to players each time that they make a deposit or each time they win a game. However there are many other ways that players can increase their points. Some sites have special games and offers that run a whole month in which all a player has to do is participate and will be rewarded generously with loyalty points.

Another major advantage of having loyalty points is that it can be converted into casino cash or even real money on certain promotions but this is however a very rare feature on site’s these days. Loyalty schemes have different levels and with each level comes different benefits. Entering the loyalty scheme of any site isn’t too difficult as all it takes is for a player to complete registration and the player automatically becomes part of the site’s loyalty scheme. It’s doesn’t get as simple as that. So find out while choosing a site to play with make sure you fully understand the what the site’s loyalty scheme is like and what you can benefit from it.

In New Look Bingo’s loyalty scheme for instance, players that reach the top most of levels and becomes a SVIP or Super VIP, players get a 250% bonus on each and every deposit that they make and are also placed in special draws every month where they can easily win big and exciting prizes. New Look Bingo is also one of the few sites that players can play no deposit bingo and get can claim a sign up bonus of £15.