The idea of legal casino can be considered as the first step of success in development of casinos. Otherwise before the small villas were organized, gambling had no house but can be described as just a gathering of few people who were interested in gambling.

After the establishment of the first casino in Vienna the word has spread to overseas also gave raise to small casinos all over the world. This has increased the people’s interest in gambling then before. The continuous development in the sector of casino construction they have brought gambling from group gathering to online casino.

Anyhow the first legal casino was established in 1996 at Venice and is named as Ricddoti. From then many other legal casinos came into light. The craze for gambling only lead to the approval of gambling houses form government. In case of online casino, the games are   categorized in distinct groups that make it easy for the customers to play.

Due to sudden increase in number of casinos in hollywood the competition between the businessmen also increased. So the hollywood casinos started investing their efforts and money in providing more and more facilities to the customers and in this practice online casino came into existence after the revolution of worldwide web.

It was just before two decades i.e. in 1990 online casino came into existence. The main aim of the online casino is to make it available to all the customers including wealthy and middle class and at the same time to attract more customers. Online casino came with a bang in 1994 when Antigua Barbuda permitted online casino to maneuver from their country.