To bet on horseracing is normally about beating all the odds-makers as well as making small earnings doing it. It also makes watching the horse race more enjoyable. The horse racing betting can be simple or complex depending on how lucky you feel and how much money you really want to earn.

Go to the racetrack, casino sports bar or an off-track betting website to watch the horse race and make your bets. Buy the racing form from the vendor. The vendors also sell some tip sheets, which usually provides expert picks.

Study the horse racing form, which shows how each horse in the previous races, and check the pari-mutuel board that displays the odds for every horse in the race. The odds are normally expressed in ratio for instance 2-1, meaning that you will get $2 back for every $1 you bet that the horse wins. The odds are usually based on the number of bets choosing that particular horse, the popular ones have low odds since they are likely to win and normally pay smaller earnings as compared with the unpopular horses, which have high odds.

Choose the horse and decide on the type of bet you would like and place it at the ticket window. The essential bets are Win, which normally pays off if the horse wins the race; Place, which normally pays off if the horse comes in 1st or 2nd in the race; and Show, which normally pays off if the horse, comes in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. The bet to Win normally pays highest. The horse racing venues regularly offer other types of combinations bets.

Get the ticket or tickets (if you have placed many bets) from the cashier and confirm that all information on your bet is correct prior to walking away from the ticket window. Keep the ticket in safe place, take a seat and watch the horse race, and once it is over, wait for the actual official results and if your horse came in according to the bet, you win. However, await the official earnings to appear on the big screen then go ahead and return your betting tickets at the ticket window and collect your money.